Giant benches overlooking Lake Iseo: where to find them

Giant benches overlooking Lake Iseo: where to find them

A territory to be discovered from always different points of view, for a wealth of emotions that remain indelibly engraved in our hearts.

We are located on Lake Iseo, an area known for its cool and sunny climate, the splendid Monte Isola chosen in 2016 by the artist Christo for the installation “The Floating Piers”, the wonderful beaches where you can let yourself be lulled by the lake breeze, the hiking trails and cycle / pedestrian paths for a holiday dedicated to sport and relaxation. There is also ample space for typical local flavors including Sebino DOP extra virgin olive oil, sausages and cheeses produced on the mountain huts, tasty fish products such as baked tench from Clusane d’Iseo and the echo of the fine bubbles of the neighboring Franciacorta.

But the peculiarities of Lake Iseo certainly do not end here. In fact, for some years now, tourists and enthusiasts have been able to admire the beauty of the basin and the surrounding mountains from completely new points of view. Lake Iseo was in fact one of the very first areas of Italy to have its own giant bench, paving the way for a project – the Big Bench Community Project which is taking hold throughout Northern Italy.

The giant benches on Lake Iseo: where they are and how to get there

With the aim of supporting tourism and local excellence and making people rediscover the beauty of contact with nature, the BBCP initiative identifies ideal panoramic points for the installation of large benches whose construction is entrusted to artisans of the area. The project has so far been a great success: backpack on your shoulder and off you go, we set off to discover these colorful giant installations to let ourselves be captured by magnificent views and take a selfie to share with friends.

On Lake Iseo, near Sulzano, there are so far two giant benches installed with breathtaking views of the Sebino and Monte Isola: the green bench by Pilzone and the orange bench by Sale Marasino. The giant bench of Pilzone is located in S. Fermo along the Antica Strada Valeriana, while the giant bench of Sale Marasino is easily accessible from the hamlet of Maspiano by following the appropriate directions. In both cases it is possible to travel by car, or use the convenient Trenord Brescia – Iseo – Edolo railway line.

A dream day with a view of Lake Iseo and Monte Isola

Give yourself a day away from everyday stress: Lake Iseo is waiting for you!

After visiting the giant benches of Plzone and Sale Marasino, the Rivalago hotel restaurant is the ideal reference point for a regenerating break with an exclusive look at the waters of the Sebino and the largest lake island in Europe. To welcome you, a courteous and helpful staff and a restaurant service that is always active, where you can safely taste the best local dishes in a refined setting and suggestive outdoor spaces. At your disposal for your stay elegant rooms and dependances overlooking the lake and spectacular glimpses ready to conquer you.

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